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 Breastfeeding can be considered the heart of child care because it facilitates the proper growth and development, it protects the child against infections (gastroenteritis, breathing infections) and favours a special and unique bond between mother and child.


 There are advantages for the child, the mother, the family and the society.


 Due to its composition, breastfeeding gives the nutrients which are essential to the child’s changing requirements and provides the specific nutrients for the central nervous system.


 The growth and development of the child who is only breastfed until the age of 6 months are normal and they continue to be so if complemented with baby and solid food.


 These children are more harmonic as regards their sense and emotional development patterns, with a higher IQ (intelligence quotient) and better psychomotor development.


 They do not get ill easily, they undergo a smaller number of diarrhea episodes and if they have said episodes, they are lighter and have a quicker recovery.


 Breathing infections are also lighter.  If the parents suffer from allergy, the child will be less likely to have eczemas or other types of allergy if he is breastfed.


 Remember that breastfeeding protects the baby against infectious, metabolic, gastrointestinal and dental pathologies, sudden death, abandonment and ill-treatment.


 The mother improves her self-esteem, manages to have an easier attachment and controls her reproductive cycle.  She exercises a right, expresses positive feelings of personal and emotional satisfaction, and is glad about bringing up a healthier baby.  She succeeds in recovering physically and emotionally after the delivery and finds it easier to look slim and not to get pregnant again after a short time.  Breastfeeding protects her against pathologies (bleeding, anemia, and breast, uterus and ovarian cancer).


 The family protects the budget since they can save up the money they do not spend on milk, sugar and supplements.  It improves the affection bonds and provides a bringing up pattern for the descendants.


 Breastfeeding makes child morbimortality decrease; hospitalization figures as well as mothers’ absences to their jobs due to the children being ill also decrease.


 Breastfeeding favors the formation of the affective bond that allows the child to develop a self- confident and independent personality.


 Breastfeeding is a right, the decision to exercise it or not must be free.

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