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Bucal and facial traumatisms are quite common during infancy and childhood.


 During the first year of life most of the accidents occur because children fall off high places such as an adult’s bed, a bed where diapers are changed, out of a cradle, etc., having facial traumatisms.


 Unluckily, it is also quite normal to see victims of the beaten child syndrome with serious buccal and facial traumatisms.  Besides, the great physical activity that most children do, for example football, rugby, hockey, etc., lead to sudden accidents and collisions which result in dental and bone injuries and damage to the soft tissues.


 Traumatized teeth are a common dental problem and should always be considered emergency situations; the dentist will always have an appointment for them.  The sooner parents act, the better the chance of curing the piece.


 Many times the blows in the mouth do not fracture the crown of the tooth, but this could be more dangerous because the strength of the blow is transmitted to the joints of the jaw, and this can cause the crack or ankylosis (welding); there may be pain and radicular fractures parents do not get to see.


 If the whole tooth separates (avulsion) you should take it from the crown, not the root, wash it with water without brushing it and put it back in the mouth; if you don´t have the courage, put it in a glass with cold or distillate water, or milk.


 The tooth must not remain more than an hour outside the mouth; you should immediately go to the dentist who will know what to do.


 If only a part of the tooth separates, pick it and take it to the professional, who will probably use it to restore the piece.


 In all the cases in which there are injuries in the soft tissues, lips, tongue and cheeks, wash very well and check there is no little bit of the tooth incrusted.



Babies’ diapers should not be changed in high places; the closer to the floor, the better.  Likewise, the cradle must be placed in low places because it is common for children to go and watch the little baby sleep, thus causing accidents and making the baby fall.

Those who are fond of sports can have protective plates made.  They are very simple and light and they are the only way to practice sports without running risks.


 REMEMBERAny wound can get contaminated with tetanic microorganisms; the doctor will indicate the use of medication and / or an appropriate vaccine if he deems it necessary.

Dr. Sergio Archimede

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