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Diaper dermatitis, also called diaper erythema, is an acute inflammatory reaction of the skin, of the irritative type.

The irritated and red area is usually delimitated by the diapers, respecting the inguinal folds.

There can also be a secondary infection caused by a fungus (Candida), and in this case the folds of the inguinal region are affected, also appearing other types of injuries.


When taking care of the skin, it is important to:

1) Change diapers frequently.

2) Clean with oleum or kitchen oil in each change of diapers.

3) Use absorving disposable diapers.

4) Use protective zinc or vaseline based creams.

5) If the baby has a dermatitis, it is advisable to have him/her naked so that the skin dries faster.


In the case of infection produced by Fungus (Candida), an antifungal cream will be recommended, and it is also advisable to indicate an oral medicine (nystatin) to erradicate fungus in the intestines.

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