Libreta de salud infantil familiar digital

If there is a background of a disease affecting the eyes in the family, tell it to your pediatrician.
Here is a guideline of the things we will observe during the first year of life.

3 Months
Follows your face from one place to another.
Smiles at people.
Shows interest in faces close to him/her.

6 Months
Stretches the arms to be lifted.
Moves both eyes together.
Reaches objects.

9 Months
Watches the activities of people and animals close to him/her.
Takes a small toy in his/her hands.     
Looks where the object may have fallen.

12 Months
Recognises a relative crossing the room.
Uses the index finger and the thumb to take small objects.

 Play “PIRATES” with the baby and cover one eye and the other alternatively because there are diseases that affect only one eye.

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