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 The baby: first defecation and first micturition.The first defecation of the neonatus within the first 24 hours of life indicates good health.

According to statistics 60% of the babies defecate within 8 hours after being born, 91% within 16 hours, 98% within 24 hours and almost all of them within the first 48 hours

The delay can be associated with an inferior intestinal obstruction but we should consider the possibility of an infection or hypothyroidism, we should also take into account the background of the mother (administration of magnesium sulfate during pregnancy or consumption of narcotics)

For the diagnosis we must consider the complete medical record and a thorough physical examination done by the pediatrician, who can decide whether to ask for a radiological test. 
In case an anatomical anomaly  is suspected, an interconsultation with the children’s surgeon shall be made.

Regarding micturition, almost all newborn infants urinate within the first 24 hours of life; if they do not, we should see the possibility of renal alterations or alteration of the urinary tract.

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