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We call hydrocelle the congenital defect of the vaginal peritoneal duct characterized by the presence of liquid in the scrotal sac (the one covering the testicles). 


There are three kinds:

Non comunicant hidrocele
we frequently see it in newborn and milk-fed children, it is asymptomatic, it does not cause pain, the size of the testicles does not change and it tends to disappear spontaneously and gradually within the first year of life.

 Comunicant hydrocele 
the vaginal peritoneal duct remains open, there is an internal orifice which lets liquid in and out the abdominal cavity.  It may or may not be tense depending on the moment of the day.Cord Cyst or Nuch-s Cyst: (In girls)
The treatment consists in waiting for a spontaneous closure (non communicant).  If it persists after the first year of life, the changes of the characteristics and the fact that it is communicated with the abdominal cavity should be immediately consulted with the specialist.

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