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In this article we will try to guide you as regards newborn babies and whether their feeding is enough as regards quantity.


There are certain rules in order to discover whether the baby is really adapted to breastfeeding. This seems to be obvious, but it is common to find mothers with newborn babies who really feel insecure as regards their child's feeding.


As these first hours or days are very important in order to define the steps to be taken, we decided to make this orientative guide for mothers whose babies are less than 1 (one) month old; although these tips can be also taken into account for older children.




  • The neonate babies (less than a month old) wet the diaper between 5 and 6 times a day, and have one or more depositions in a 24-hour period.

  • Gain more than 12 to 15 grams after 7 days of life.

  • Have a good appearance, they seem to be healthy and lively.

  • They gain back the weight he had at birth within the first 3 weeks of life. (Generally before).

  • They burp easily.

Remember that if any of these signs is missing, that does not mean breastfeeding is not good.

Do not live breastfeeding as if it were something impossible; if you are relaxed, calm and willing, you will not have important inconveniences, it will be something natural.

Remember that breastfeeding is ideal for your baby during the first 6 (six) months of life.

You must know that nature is wise, and that your milk production will be adequate as long as your baby breastfeeds, as the best stimulus for the production of milk is the baby suction, and the fact that the mother feels happy about doing it.


Concerning your children´s health the pediatrician is irreplaceable!!

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