Libreta de salud infantil familiar digital

 At the age of 2 years old most children already have breakfast and tea in a cup
 Those who still use the baby bottle generally do not want to leave it. However, they start to reduce its use, changing little by little to a cup or a glass.

 Breakfast is the most important meal for children (and adults); it provides the energy they need to grow up healthily.
 3 or 4-year-old children, often eat very little.  Thus, we have to offer them something to eat between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and tea (fruit, yoghurt ).

It is not good for children to get used to eating junk food because it is of poor nutritive value and high cost;  fizzy drinks and sweets, for example, do not nourish the children or give them nutrients.  Besides, they make them feel satisfied and do not want to eat “good food”.
 We should go back to some dishes that our grannies used to prepare: cheese, milk desserts, etc.

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