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  •  Peribucal Eczema or Eczema due to the licking

  • It is generally secondary to the habit of licking or of biting the lips, of dribbling or even of sucking the finger.
    It is associated with allergy.

  •  Hydrating creams or with corticoids are indicated but only under medical supervision.

 Foot Eczema

  • It is frequent among schoolchildren; associated with excessive foot sweat and with rubbing.

  •  It generally affects the soles; the skin gets dry with desquamation and there can be fissures and overinfection.

  •  It is also associated with allergy, atopy and with the kind of shoes worn (leather shoes or trainers, synthetic ones, etc.)

  • The treatment consists in avoiding occlusive and synthetic shoes, having the feet properly aired and hydrated, wearing cotton socks and changing them several times a day.

  •  Only the doctor shall indicate specific creams if they are needed

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