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We call phimosis to the difficulty in drawing back the prepuce( the skin covering the glans of the male genital), due to the presence of adherence.


 This difficulty is mostly solved spontaneously at the age of  2 ½  or 3 years approximately when the child controls sphincters  This is called Physiological Phimosis.


 The situation changes when the following symptoms appear:  urinary infection, balanoposthitis (infections of the glans), alterations when urinating, mictional globe, balanopreputial ring stenosed (closed) by fibrosis of the adherence due to wrong attempts to draw back the prepuce, which can make it more complex.


 There exists a medical urgency called Paraphimosis, which the specialist must see to  Once the skin of the prepuce has been drawn back, it cannot take its original and normal position, causing some kind of strangulation of the glans.


 That is why energic exercise is not recommended  to solve the problem of phimosis  Instead, we suggest smooth exercise, moving the skin of the prepuce, preferably when taking the daily bath as from the first months of life until after the age of sphincterial control.


 Should it not get better, always under close supervision of the pediatrician, the children’s surgeon or the urologist, another kind of treatment shall be decided upon in order to release adherences, if any, or to solve the complications mentioned above.


 Parents should understand that most phimosis are solved spontaneously, though it may take some time  The specialist will indicate a cream with corticoids or surgery ONLY if he deems it necessary.


 Only in the presence of complex symptoms and under professional supervision, shall the case be treated with medication or surgery. 

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