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 For many years parents have worried about the position of the baby when sleeping.


 For the last ten years this has been a Public Health topic, of growing interest and importance.


 Historically, the position for sleeping has been influenced by cultural traditions based on not systematized empirical observations.  However, later research clearly defined the adverse effects associated with certain sleeping positions of the baby.


 In 1992, the American Academy of Pediatrics, after a revision of medical literature, advised that healthy  newborn babies should sleep on their backs (supine decubitus) or on their side.


 In 1994, the United States National Institute of Health published its conclusions confirming again that the above mentioned position when sleeping was effective at reducing the incidence of Babies’ Sudden Death Syndrome.


 Other considerations to bear in mind regarding the prevention of such syndrome, apart from the general care when the baby sleeps, are before and after birth care, avoiding cigarettes, encouraging breastfeeding, etc.

  Remember that besides controlling the position of the baby, it is advisable that, at the beginning, he/she touches the inferior edge of the cradle with the feet and his/her little body is close to one of the cradle sides; this will make the baby feel protected and will remind him/her of his/her life in the mother’s womb.

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