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Safety in the car. What is the best thing?

Car accidents are one of the main causes of injuries and death in children.  To prevent this from happening there are international safety measures that we should know.


 A survey carried out in the U.S. in 1995 regarding the use of safety measures informed that only 68% of children between 1 and 2 years old were secured and out of these only 20% were secured properly.  Control posts were put up on the roads and they could see that in more than 90% of the cars the safety devices were incorrect. It could also be observed that the children were only secured with car safety belts before it is recommended; that is to say, before they weigh 30 kilos.


 It is important to take into account some characteristics of the children, for example, that the head is disproportionately big compared with the body and, thus, it is not properly supported.  The bones of the cranium and the vertebrae are softer than in adults.  Also, the abdominal organs are not protected by the rips.


 The habitual position of children and the difficulty in remaining seated like an adult make the car safety belts insufficient.



1- Children under 1 year old must always travel on the back seat looking backwards.
2 -Children over 1 year old must also travel on the back seat but looking forwards.
3- In the market there are several accessories for proper fastening.
4- Children over 8 years old can use the car safety belts if they fit them.



  • The best place for children in a car is the back seat.
  • Rough, sudden maneuvers like braking or swerving can also cause serious injuries.

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