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 Asthma is the main cause of chronic diseases during childhood.


 It may begin at any age and almost 30% of the patients are already symptomatic at the age of one.  Between 80 and 90% of asthmatic children have their first symptoms before being 4 or 5 years old.


 It is hard to foretell the course and the seriousness of the disease; the forecast is generally good, even more if we are dealing with a light or moderate type of asthma.


We can talk about infectious, immunologic, endocrine, autonomic and psychological factors in a variable degree and depending on the individual.

 All these stimuli condition an inflammatory process characterised by reversible bronchial obstruction, spontaneous or due to medication.


 As regards diagnosis we should point out all the family background of asthma or allergy.


 Other characteristics to be taken into account by the doctor are: duration of the crisis, frequency, age of the patient at the moment of the first crisis, seriousness of the crisis, change of seasons, response to medication, symptoms during the night or during physical exercise.


The patient’s clinical check-up done by the professional as well as the detailed medical record  are essential for an eventual request for analysis or tests of the breathing function and / or the eventual interconsultation with the specialist in child Neumonology.


 We will soon talk about treatments of acute crisis as well as preventive treatments of this disease

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