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The use of the dummy is an old custom, culturally accepted and with strong roots in our society.

 Parents often have doubts about which dummy is the appropriate one for their baby.  Moreover, there are different opinions even among doctors.


 We think there is no big difference as far as dummies are concerned (anatomic ones or not; made of silicone or of latex).


 The baby, who accepts one and / or rejects the other, makes the difference, but over a question of comfort rather than a gustatory question.


 Our advice is that the use of a dummy is not necessary for it increases the risk of future dental problems and infections.


 Should a dummy be used, the most important thing is not to dampen it in any sweet substances in order to avoid dental problems.  Under no circumstances should you use honey due to the risk of getting botulism. 


 Try with your baby to know which dummy it likes but, if it rejects the dummy or prefers sucking its thumb you should not worry: this gives it a greater satisfaction because it adds up the tactile sensation of its little thumb on the palate and that is the way in which the baby feels great satisfaction in those months.


 We would like to point out the fact that the dummy, once the baby reaches 18 to 24 months of age, is absolutely unnecessary and that all dummies must be kept in very hygienic conditions, washed continuously and changed after 2 to 3 weeks of use.

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