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When during the pediatric consultation parents ask whether the use of the famous stroller is advisable I remember the words of an old pediatrician who used to answer “dangerous at any speed”


 Strollers have been used since at least the 17th century but the dangers related to them were pointed out only in the last 2 decades.


 The estimation is that 55 to 92% of the children under 18 months old have used the stroller at least once and 12 to 40% of the users have undergone an accident of some kind as a consequence of it.


 The reason most commonly mentioned by parents for the use of a stroller is to entertain the child; by  keeping the kid quiet this may convey a false feeling of safety which leads to a decrease in watchfulness.


 The age when autonomous wandering is independent of  the use of a stroller, and the kind of movements the inferior limbs make inside the device is different from normal walking.



 The use of the stroller implies risks which have no evident advantages. Research done in Chile showed that 45.6% of stroller users had accidents due to the stroller; they overturned, crashed and fell downstairs having, as a consequence, contusions, lacerations, cranium traumatism and fractures of different kinds.


 Don’t you think this is dangerous enough so as not to use strollers?


 (Adapted from Correo de la SAP about THE USE OF THE STROLLER IN MILK-FED BABIES)

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