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 If your child has suffered a traumatism of this kind you must watch his behaviour within the 24 hours after the episode.


  • Control him permanently while he is awake.
  •   Make sure the child speaks and moves his arms and legs normally.
  • If the child is older, ask him to name people or toys he knows well.
  • Wake him up every 3 hours (he should wake up easily).
  • He must be able to remain awake for some minutes


Although the symptoms of a traumatism of cranium can appear days, weeks or months after the episode, this does not happen quite frequently but should you observe any problem or “strange” behaviour, consult your pediatrician.


You MUST consult the pediatrician if your child:

  • Does not wake up or is sleepier than usual
  • Vomits more than twice after a blow.
  • Has a headache that gets worse or lasts more than a day.
  • Has convulsions or a bad temper.
  • If his neck aches.
  • The nose or an ear bleeds.
  • Says he does not see or hear well or has difficulty in speaking clearly.
  • If  light-colour liquid drips off his nose.
  • Finds it difficult to walk or has weakness or clumsiness in a leg or arm (he drops things, for example)
  • Behaves differently, for instance, if he cries more than usual, seems confused or dizzy.

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